Adaptive Equipment


Fishing Rod/Reels
Quad-T ElectricThe Quad-T EX model features a fully charged battery which will last 4 hours or more. Extra battery pack handles are available for this model. The Quad-T EX has a faster retrieve speed and is designed for fishing styles require a faster reel time. This model has rechargeable batteries which can be replaced without removing the entire handle. The Quad-T EX Rod and Reel combo includes a graphite medium action summer length rod, modified Zebco 33 reel, 10-12 lb. test line, battery pack handle, one rechargeable battery and recharger.“Hurry only 50 left”Quad – T
215 Tyler Avenue SE
Bemidji , MN 56601
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Wrist Saver Rods

An ergonomically designed spinning rod and ice fishing rod. The handles are bent to fit an angler’s hand in such a way to keep the angler’s wrist straight instead of bent as it does on straight rods.Wrist Saver Rods, Inc.

PO Box 223
Prior Lake , MN 55372
Phone: 1-877-721-0020


Reel Gripper

Designed for individuals with little or no hand strength to be able to reel up the line on their own. This hand apparatus is constructed of UHMW, which fits the reel crank for most round and T-handled reels. The palm grip is made of adjustable leather with a velcro attachment. The Reel Gripper can be customized to fit either hand.

Bill Perlick
12614 Pfeifer Road

Hayward , WI 54843
Phone: 715-634-4040

Rod Holders


Batik Bracket

For individuals with little or no hand strength to be able to hold fishing rod on his or her own. This hand apparatus can be attached to a wheelchair or to the side of a boat.
Contact FHNB, Inc
PO Box 175
Hayward, Wi 54843

Phone: 1-800-243-3462


Turbo Set Rod Holder

Six way adjustable bracket, arm support cradle with comfort pad and arm strap

America’s Fishing Device Inc.
222 North Concord Exchange #1
So. St Paul, MN 55075
Phone: 1-866-925-2005




Strong Arm Rod Holder

Designed for use with minimal or no hand function.Strong-Arm Fishing Products

2046A Pharmacy Ave
Scarborough , Ontario M1T 1H8 Canada
Phone: 416-289-4682
Fax: 416-756-4682



DPS101 Seat Apparatus

This rod holder is designed for use while a person is in the sitting position. The rod holder comes in two pieces; one the base, which slides under the front part of your legs and secondly, the yoke, which holds the fishing pole. When you are not fishing you do not have to have the yoke part attached. The yoke slides onto the base from the front. There is also a small length of pipe insulation inside the yoke tube, which helps hold the fishing pole very secure.
Specialty Works
9280 N. Old Hwy 27
Hayward , WI 54843
Phone: 715-634-8537



DPW103 Waist Apparatus

This rod holder is primarily designed for a person that would prefer to stand while fishing. The rod holder is designed to be able to hold the rod while the mobile hand and arm is able to reel in the fish. The rod holder has two straps; one, which goes around the neck, and the other, goes around the waist. The waist apparatus should go ideally around the largest part of the users waist. Two things are needed to custom manufacture the apparatus for an individual; first, does the individual have a preference of sides, either right or left, and secondly, what is the approximate girth of the person using this apparatus. Given this information the rod holder can be customized and sent out from day of order in approximately 2 weeks.
Specialty Works
9280 N. Old Hwy 27
Hayward , WI 54843
Phone: 715-634-8537


DPS104 Rod Holder

This apparatus can be used by a person in a sitting position. The base is made from a non-breakable acrylic that allows a person to move the yoke with the fishing rod in.

Specialty Works
9280 N Old Hwy 27
Hayward , WI 54843
Phone: 715-634-8537







One Armed Fishing Bandit

Rod holder attaches to wheelchair.

Howells Tackle
PO Box 5323 Emerald Isle
NC 28594
Phone 252-393-2311




Various Ramps used at

FHNB Chapter EventsProviding ramps and lifts for people with disabilities.

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